Staff Biographies

The CMJ is a student-run journal, with expert peer review from a panel of Consultants and Registrars.

Editorial Board


Faye Begeti

Faye graduated from Jesus College, University of Cambridge in 2009 with a BA specialising in Neuroscience. She is a student on the penultimate year of the MB/PhD programme which intercalates a PhD into the standard medical course. Her animal and human research focuses on the cognitive deficits and future treatment of Huntington's disease and has recently submitted her PhD thesis entitled "a translational approach to studying cognition in Huntington's disease". She has a strong interest in neurology and aims to combine an academic career with medicine in the future. She is also a keen teacher and enjoys writing and playing the piano in her free time.

Senior Editors

Richard Heywood

Richard is a current MBPhD student. For his PhD he is looking at some of the cellular and molecular characteristics of the brain tumour Glioblastoma multiforme, and in particular how the pathology of GBM relates to neural stem and progenitor cell biology. He has also performed clinical research into the use of Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders in a regional hospital. Outside of medicine, he is a keen sportsman, most at home on the river or in goalkeeping kit on the hockey pitch.

Angus McKnight

Angus is a fifth year student at Cambridge University Clinical School with a particular interest in research and medical technology. His BA was in Computer Science. Angus has taken part in research as part of groups at the University of Edinburgh Queen's Medical Research Institute looking at the role that the protein kisspeptin plays in pregnancy and development. He has a particular interest in endocrinology research. Angus is a keen hockey and golf player, and also sits on the Cambridge University Global Health Committee.


Charleen Chan Wah Hak

Charleen is a final year medical student from Christ's College with a BA in Pathology. She harbours a keen interest in Oncology and has research experience in the field of cancer biomarker discovery and the comparison of patient- versus clinician-reported outcomes. Outside the course, she enjoys sketching, playing hockey and compulsive baking.

Clare Thakker

Clare is a 5th year medic at Cambridge clinical school. She graduated from Clare College, Cambridge in 2012 with a BA(Hons) in Physiology, Development and Neuroscience. Having contributed to several research projects in the past including work on autophagy, cell signalling and neurological development she is interested in a career in academic medicine. In her spare time she enjoys travel, art and rowing.

Jose Sandoval

Jose is a 4th Year PhD Student in Oncology at the University of Cambridge working on epigenetic regulation of breast cancer stem cells. He graduated in Medicine from the New University of Lisbon in 2010. He has a particular interest in patient safety and epidemiology. Outside of medicine and science he enjoys walking around with his Nikon and listening to good Jazz.

Nicholas Keyi Sim

Nicholas graduated from Trinity College in 2009 with a BA in Neuroscience, a field he finds fascinating and would like to pursue further in his career. He maintains an interest in Medical Law, and has used his SSC to explore this further. Outside of medicine, he is interested in computers and martial arts. He also loves traveling to see the different cultures and languages of the world.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie is a fifth year Cambridge medical student. She graduated with a BA in Pharmacology and has a keen interest in teaching and medical research. She supervises preclinical students studying the Endocrinology and Reproduction course at Churchill College, and sits on the UKMSA National Committee as Research Officer. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys playing the piano and traveling.

Tianying Zhang

Tianying is a final year medical student from Robinson college. With a BA in microbiology and virology, she is keenly interested in tropical diseases. Outside of medicine, she enjoys badminton, cooking as well as playing the violin.

Assistant Editors and Representatives

Dr Nicholas D Gollop

Dr Nicholas D Gollop obtained a fist class degree in biological sciences from the University of East Anglia and completed his medical training in the University of Wales. He is currently working as an Academic Foundation Year 2 doctor in the East of England, with a particular interest in academia in the field of cardiology. He is also passionate about improving standards for patients and healthcare providers in the NHS.

Clement Loh Chee Hoou

Clement is a fifth year medical student from the University of New South Wales. He obtained a first-class degree in BSc Med (Hons) from UNSW in 2012, and is keenly interested in gastroenterology and dermatology. Outside of medicine, he enjoys travelling as well as playing the guitar.