Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine 21st Edition

Claire Currie, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0SP

The first edition of Sir Stanley Davidson’s famous work was published in 1952. More than half a century later, it has gone through twenty-one editions and has sold over two million copies.

It has proved to be the essential work of reference for medical students, doctors and other health professionals because of its up-to-date content and convenient layout and style.

Davidson’s is an excellent textbook. The book is concise and clearly written, but at the same time gives a good depth of information. It is divided into two parts: Principles of Medicine and Practice of Medicine. Noted experts in their fields contribute chapters within these parts. In Part 1 there are sections on ‘Good prescribing’ and ‘Ageing and disease’, while in the longer Part 2 articles range through the whole gamut of conditions from emergency medicine to skin disease. Diagrams and tables help to highlight the most relevant points. Specific boxes on issues in old age and evidence-based medicine give the reader something additional to think about.

Each systems-based chapter has a double page spread on clinical examination of that system. This is particularly useful and helps to provide a summary of the important features of disease of each system. There is also a brief review of the relevant anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.

Online access to the full contents of the book and to self-assessment questions is available to the reader and is a worthwhile aspect of the publication. This web site also gives access to sister publications, i.e. MacLeod’s Clinical examination and Principles and Practice of Surgery.

Developments in the practice of medicine are rapidly changing and it is a major strength of this book that it reflects those changes through its many editions and continues to be at the cutting edge of relevancy. Overall, Davidson’s is an outstanding book for students who want a clear, comprehensive reference work for clinical medicine.

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ISBN-13: 978-0702030857